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It is now possible to operate its devices via Text message.

This service is reserved for eedomus Premium accounts, Text messages sent and received as part of device management do not decrease your Text quota (only notifications are counted).

Note: You do not need to have a 3G key on the box eedomus, Text are managed by the eedomus platform.

Note 2: Your box still needs full internet access. It's your smartphone that does not need the internet to drive devices.


Why control your home through Text message?

Text control may be handy in situation where:

1. Beyond 3G coverage.

2. Without DATA plan. Some users don't have Data Plan, such as children.

3. Easier. For occasional users, that do not wish to install an App. They can easily open a gate or deactivate an alarm with a text message (providing you have configured their phone number as a guest user).

Activation of Text control

By default, the service is not activated for security. You have to activate the service Configuration / eedomus controller / Configuration / Text message control

You can activate one or several devices.


Just send a Text message to the eedomus phone number (the one that sends you Text notification)

The syntax should be:

eedomus [action] [device] [login]

In case of error, the chat robot will help you.

Possible actions

The possible actions are:

  • Switch off/Switch on
  • Open / Close
  • Desactivate / Activate
  • Off / On

This actions will execute the "raw values" (0 or 100) of your devices. You can trigger another action :

  • action:N

where N is the raw value of your device (see the Values tab)

Naming of devices

You can specify the full name of a device "Lamp Kitchen" or "Lamp Bedroom" if several devices share the same short name.

You can alternatively give a unique name to each device.

Anyway, the eedomus chat will ask you if two devices share the same short name.


Your order should terminate with the login of the account, for security reasons.

The secondary accounts should be activated specifically to use Text control.