4 outputs module (EDR-B4)

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4 outputs module (EDR-B4)

Requires an Edisio extension in order to operate with the eedomus controller

Press the push button on the Edisio module, it emits an intermittent beep, then a continuous beep: press the module button again to confirm the operation and stop the beep. appear and create the device. Relay 1 is now associated and operational with eedomus.
To realize the association of the 2nd relay: press 2x on the button of the module, it emits double beeps. Send an On or Off from eedomus for the corresponding relay. The module emits a continuous beep to indicate the success of the operation, press the button one last time to stop the beep.
Continue for relays 3 and 4 (triple support, quadruple support)

EDR-B4 R1.40f.pdf