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The gateway AirSend is a French product developped by DevMel company

It controls more than 300 compatible devices from 40 different brands. Roller shutters, gates, garages, lights, electrical appliances...

It connects to your network via an Ethernet cable and communicates via 433 Mhz radio with compatible devices

Control a AirSend compatible device from eedomus

Clic on Configuration / Add .. a device / Add another type of device / AirSend / Create then follow the instructions.

Note 1: the value of the the thermometer and luminosoty are visible in eedomus

Note 2: By default, the actions "On" and "Off" ore visible, but other actions are possible through the tab "Values", with the option "Display masked options", such as "Top/Bottom/Stop" for the shutters, or the programmation button.