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What is Doorbird?

It is a video door station (Ethernet/WiFi) that allows you, with Doorbird App, to be nitofied when someone triggers the sensor or rigns, then to talk while seeing him throught the embedded camera on the doorbird.

How it intregrates with eedomus?

Here's what he can done once intagrated with eedomus:

  • Open the door / gate (connected to relay DoorBird) fromeedomus
  • When the doorbell of DoorBird is pressed, a picture is taken automatically by eedomus, and it is possible to use this state in the rules (eg. Someone rings, outdoor lights come on automatically if it is dark ...)
  • When motion is detected by the PIR DoorBird, a photo is taken automatically by eedomus, and as for the bell, the event is used in the rules
  • Motion detection may possibly be disengaged (for this change and make visible the hidden action "Subscribe" in the list of values ​​eedomus device and run it)
  • Eedomus can capture images of the camera DoorBird on demand (On a click on the device or via rules. Ex. Take a picture every hour)
  • Infrared lighting on DoorBird can be activated for 3 minutes

On the other hand :

  • The live image and the intercom feature is not supported by eedomus, we recommend using the native app DoorBird.


Click on Configuration / Add a device / Add another type of device / DoorBird / Create

After entering the IP address of your Doorbird, the login and password of the account DoorBird (The one used in the app, available on the passport DoorBird in the box), then click the Test Access .

If the connection is successful you can click on Create to finalize the creation of your videophone in eedomus. If the connection does not happen, check the connection information and try again. (The box eedomus and the videophone must be on the same local network to communicate)


2 devices are created in your eedomus interface:

  • A camera (which stores images taken when the doorbell was pressed, in motion or at any time if you program it)
  • A device that gives you the state of the doorbell and motion detection while allowing you to initiate actions on the doorman DoorBird

These devices may be used in your programming and your agenda eedomus

Note 1: The state "Doorbell supported" or "Movement" is reset after 1 minute maximum.

Note 2: You use the features your responsibility. You must respect the rules in terms of data protection.