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Google Home® is the Google® vocal assistant. Together with eedomus, you can control your home devices:

"Ok Google, Turn on the kitchen light" - it's that easy!


Google ​Home ​is ​a trademark ​of ​Google ​Inc. More information on ​


To start, you need to connect your Google Home to the same network of your existing eedomus gateway.

Once established, you can then perform the following steps (either while you are there on the network, or remotely through the web portal).

On the eedomus portal
  • Connect on Click on Configuration, then on your eedomus gateway and Configure
  • Click on the config_icon.png icon next to "Google Home", select the devices you want to control with Google Home.

Initially, we would suggest that you limit the number of devices exposed to Google Home to make it more easier to use. Also, as a matter of security, we advise that you avoid linking critical devices such as alarms or entry keys to Google Home (especially the ability to deactivate).

On the "Google Home" app
  • Open the Google Home app, in the menu on the left, touch Home control
  • In the Devices section, click on +, then add eedomus
  • Enter your eedomus username and password so Google Home can access your devices.
  • Optionally, connect rooms to your Google Home devices (So you can switch off all the devices in a room for example)
  • You can now voice control your eedomus device with Google Home


Ok Google, switch off all the lights
Ok Google, switch off living room lights
Ok Google, are the lights on?

With a RGB lamp :

Ok Google, change living room light to red

With a thermostat :

Ok Google, set the temperature to 20 degrees
Ok Google, what's the house temperature?


We advise you use simple names (on the eedomus configuration page for Google Home) as this will make it easier to remember the voice activated commands as well as to ensure good recognition by Google Home.

To update your device list, say "Ok Google, synchronize my devices"