Eedomus and Netatmo thermostat

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This page explains how to use the Netatmo thermostat and the eedomus gateway.


What is the Netatmo thermostat ?

The Netatmo thermostat is a WiFi thermostat that communicate with the Netatmo Clound.

Add the Netatmo device

Your Netatmo thermostat must be fully installed.

Click on Configuration / Add or remove a device / Add another type of device / Netatmo Thermostat / Create

Click on Click here to get your authorisation code. You will be redirected to the Netatmo portal.

Copy the obtained 'Oauth Netatmo authorisation code on the eedomus page that remains opened on your browser. Also add the MAC addresses of your thermostat and it's relay.

Several devices will be created on your eedomus box, and the Netatmo Script.

Interactions between the 2 systems

The eedomus box regularly ask the Netatmo API (on the Netatmo cloud) to check if a data has changed. We recommand that you don't reduce the polling period to less than 2 minutes.

The "Setpoint" module actuate the thermostat setpoint through the Netatmo API.

You can the use the setpoint in your eedomus programming or macros.


Once added, the setpoints defined through eedomus are always maintain (unlike the Netatmo mode).

This behaviour is due to the HTTP actuator parameter :


You can modify it to specify a duration, ex. 3 hours: