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The RFPlayer (RFP1000) USB module is a radio extension compatible with the eedomus box, allowing you to control many devices running on 433Mhz and 868Mhz bandwidths (X2D, RTS, X10, OWL, Chacon, Oregon Scientific, ...)


Connect the RFPlayer to one of the free USB ports on your eedomus box. If you no longer have a free USB port you can use a USB hub but it must have an external power supply.

After about 1 minute, a configuration area must appear in Configuration / eedomus controller / Configure on the eedomus portal.

By default, all protocols are configured to receive. You can disable unused protocols, this simplifies the decoding on the RFPlayer.

You can enable repeat options for the desired protocols.

Adding a sensor

The option Show notifications / On new peripheral must be enabled. (This is the default, but we suggest disabling it to avoid receiving too many notifications)

Once a sensor measures an information, a notification will appear on the eedomus portal.

Click on the link to finalize the creation of your device.

Adding an actuator

Some actuators are also sensors, such as the smoke detector / siren KD101, in which case it can be created by clicking on the automatically created notification.

For other cases, click Configuration / Add or remove a device / Add another device type / RFPlayer - Actuator

By default an address is offered by eedomus, it must be unique and will be used to control your device.

Put your device into learning mode (Refer to the device manual) and then send the ASSOC command from eedomus. If the operation has been successful, your device can be turned on and off from eedomus.

The ASSOC and DISSOC commands can be hidden after they are no longer used, to do so, go to the Values tab of your device and modify Show hidden actions / Visible

Known limitations and problems

  • The Parrot' and Transcoder functions are not supported at this time. The interest of transcoding is limited because eedomus is able to relay any signal to any protocol, and beyond the RFPlayer (Z-Wave, EnOcean, ...)
  • The battery level is only supported with certain protocols (Oregon, Owl, ...) and is not as fine as with Z-Wave or EnOcean. (Raised information is OK or low battery)