Eedomus and Tado thermostat

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Tado° is a smart thermostat that can be associated with eedomus.

Multiple Tado° devices are compatible with eedomus, here is the actual list : Tado° compatible devices

Adding the Tado° device

You must have your Tado° thermostat installed et configured to work with the Tado° app.

Click on Configuration / Add or remove a device / Add another type of device / Tado° Thermostat / Create

Click on the available link to associate your thermostat to eedomus. If you have multiple thermostat, you will be able to select the one you want. And you can repeat the operation to associate the others to eedomus.

The following wigets are created on eedomus.

Using Tado° and eedomus

You can use the temperature, humidity, mode and setpoint in your eedomus rules.

When you modify the Tado° setpoint for eedomus, your thermostat will be updated a few seconds later.

The datas from your Tado° are read every 15 minutes, so if you change the setpoint from the thermostat itself or the Tado° app, you'll need to wait 15 min in the worst case.