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Tuya is a Chinese brand of devices connected through different technologies, including WiFi.

Peripherals are marketed by various brands.

Only devices added through the Tuya or Smart Life apps will be visible. But all the Wifi devices compatible with Tuya are controllable you can easily add them to the Tuya or Smart Life app.


Type of supported devices

  • Sockets and switches
  • Lamps (including RGB lamps)
  • Scenes

Control a Tuya / Smart Life device from eedomus

Click on 'Settings / Add or remove a device / Add another type of device / Tuya / Smart Life / Create' and then follow the instructions

  • Sensors are not yet supported.
  • Tuya limits polling to 1 minute (polling allows you to update status in eedomus if changed via device button or Tuya / Smart Life app)
  • Tuya does not offer an official API, but it is still possible to communicate with the Tuya cloud
Limitations with RGB lamps:
  • Color control is supported, but if the color is changed from the Tuya app, it is not updated in eedomus
  • Color temperature control is not supported, you can adjust it through the Tuya / Smart Life app.