Eedomus and Withings scale

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What the Withings scale?

Withings is an innovative company that designs objects connected in the public health field.

The Withings scale can have its weight and other indicators on his smartphone.

Withings also offers an API to facilitate interoperability. Eedomus uses this API to read data from the balance, with the permission of the user.

This interconnection facilitates automation and visualization in a summary dashboard between health and home.


Click on Configuration / Add or remove a device / Add another type of device / Withings Scale / Create

Then click on the link that will give you Withings autorization.

This code is valid for a given user, so you can create multiple Withings devices on your box if you have several scales.


3 devices are created:

  • Weight in kg
  • Fat mass percentage
  • Heart rate in BPM

If your scale model does not allow the measurement of heart rate, you can simply disable the channel (or delete it by detaching the main channel first)

Default update of data from these devices is performed every 30 minutes.