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ZiGate is a a Zigbee universal gateway compatible with many devices.

Zigate is an USB Key that you can plug on your eedomus gateway.


The following devices has been tested with Zigate :

Zigbee devices tested with eedomus and Zigate

Adding a device

Adding a device has to be done by an inclusion process similar to the one use with Z-Wave.

Starting an inclusion with Zigbee is called a Permit Join.

To start a Permit Joint, go to Administration / Permit Join on your controllers configuration form (The Zigate USB stick must be plugged to your eedomus gateway)

You have 1 minute to perform the inclusion routine on your device (refer to module manual as it may differ from module to module)

In certain situations, the notification will raise after a seconde sollicitation of the device.

Reset your Zigate

Click on Administration / Erase