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The eedomus toolbox is an experimental utility available on the web server of your eedomus box.

Its use is reserved for the most experienced users ;)

4 tools are currently available:

  • The PING to know the status of a network device (PC , Smartphone, ... ) or a server (also allows to know the status of your internet connection)
  • The Wake On LAN can wake up a network device ( MediaCenter PC , ... )
  • The UPnP discovery helps to identify UPnP renderer devices on the network.
  • Reboot, to be used sparingly and normally not necessary.

The eedomus toolbox is called as follows:

http://ip_of your_box/tools/action = XXXX&parameter1=...&... 

The IP of your box may be usefully replaced by localhost ( http://localhost/ ) if you use it inside eedomus.

Calls to the eedomus toolbox are particularly useful in combination with HTTP sensors (for ping in particular) and HTTP actuators ( WOL ) in this case.


Mandatory argument: url (address IP or domain name of the equipment)

Optional argument: count ( number of retries before considering failure. It is 3 by default).









If no device is found [ ] ' is returned. The discovery of UPnP devices can take up to 30 seconds, hence the time to display the result.

Sample output :

[{ "ip ": " ", "description ": " Baptiste Vial ( OFFICE : Windows Media Player) ", " devnum ": 1}]

Try twice if the display does not work the first time to allow more time to research.


Restart your eedomus gateway.

The restart of eedomus gateway is usually not necessary. This action shoud be used only for precise and strictly necessary needs.