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Consume less, consume wiser

Anything that uses energy in a building can be measured or controlled. The possibilities for automation in the area of energy are virtually limitless, with the eedomus system acting as your dashboard and gear shift of your consumption.

Identify power hungry equipment

Your electrical energy bill is likely a large portion of your total budget - using your eedomus box can help you reduce it.

To do this you can connect multiple smart plugs on your existing wall sockets. You can also add smart bulbs to lamps.

With these modules and the box, you will know your real-time energy consumption. This real-time information is captured by the eedomus system, and you will have the opportunity to know the times of day where you use the most and those where you consume the least.

By analyzing your usage, you can see the moments when your bills are likely to increase.

Saving energy, even in energy standby mode

One cause of high energy consumption is the practice of leaving on electrical equipment. Indeed, even when a TV, computer, or home cinema system goes to standby mode, it is still consuming energy. Automation can help.

No need to manually turn off these devices, control them through your computer or with a simple touch on your smartphone.

If you want to apply it in everyday life, create some personalised rules. In this way, you can automate the switching on and off of your selected devices, at the times desired.

Be aware of your consumption

With the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol globally, and the Grenelle Environment in France, new major energy issues now touch in our daily lives. It is not only important to use less energy, but also to use it wiser.

In order to optimize energy usage, you need to understand your consumption patterns and levels.

By installing counters, you can monitor your current consumption and can act on it after a short period of time. Thus, for example you could see a report of night time temperature readings, and if excessive, you could lower the heater in your garage.

Similarly, you may realize that the temperature in your bathroom, or other places, are unnecessarily high when you're not even there.

Or you may realize that a light was left on all day because you forgot to turn it off.

These and other issues are no longer a problem, since the eedomus takes care of you and helps you to forget your bad habits. By adjusting your daily patterns, supported by real time monitoring, you'll be able to achieve your optimal energy consumption; intelligently and environmentally friendly.

To measure your consumption, partial or total, continue to Connection of the counters.

Manage your heating

Beyond awareness, you can control your heating. Remember that the main factor of optimizing heating consumption is controlling the temperature. Each decrease of 1 ° C of temperature decreases your energy bill by about 7%.

You can also (and this is recommended) insulate your home and improve your heating system. However, do not forget to measure the temperature! For example, lowering the setting from 23 ° C to 19 ° C on your heating system, as often recommended, could represent about 30% reduction on your bill.

For more, see Control of the heating.