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How do I install my package?

It's very simple and only takes a few minutes. First connect your box on the electric supply to your home. Next, connect your box to your internet central eedomus with ethernet cable provided. Then you create an account on the secure site secure.eedoums.com, and finally connect your intelligent sensors. The website will guide you to the Add Device. Voila, you can now enjoy all the features of your home automation box.

Should I leave my computer on?

A computer is needed during installation.

Then, it is not necessary that a computer is turned on for your system works.

The Internet is cut off, can I access my box?

If you are on the same LAN as the box (ie if you are at home), you can access it. You can access the latest data, and operate the actuators. How do I access it?

  • Enter the IP address on a computer on the LAN. This address is in the Configuration box. She is the type http://192.168.xx.yy.
  • To prevent this IP address changes, you can set the level of your ADSL router, which is best (or the box itself by entering the address http://192.168.xx.yy/config).

If you are not at home, and you have internet access, you can access the platform management (historical data), but not in the box, or the latest updated data.

Platform Management

My datas are sent to servers on the Internet, this method is secure?

Data exchange between the box and the platform management takes place under HTTPS with a good level of encryption.

Eedomus servers have been a careful attention to data security. The servers are duplicated and are hosted with a service quality.

When you access data through the portal https://secure.eedomus.com, you can see eedomus certificate (duly registered). Access via the mobile site is also secure https://m.eedomus.com.


Why must reconnect to the store?

Why create a new account, while there is already identified?

He is not asked for identification by name of the website. You can use a nickname if you wish.

The store requires a purchase, and accurate data are needed and then regulatory (postal addresses, identification for payment).

To improve the security of your personal data, we separate the two environments, and you are therefore requested to register when using the shop (operation without registration, but nevertheless with data entry will be proposed later).

The forum follows the same principle: we must create a new account, but you can use any nick. There is no connection with your account is running or the shop.

Formula subscription

My Account Standard has expired, my data is lost?

When the Standard account expires, the account is past Free mode, with less features, especially in terms of data storage.

Data is not lost however. They are kept one month after the subscription expires.

One possibility is available to download (as a zip file, but the data are no longer available in the interface) for users who want (from 15 April 2012).

Not in the Settings page, you will find the following link to click it:

What is the subscription?

Standard Membership will be of great help. By subscribing you can store data from your sensors for a period of 2 years. You can then view and compare over periods as per your convenience medium to long term. You will maximize your future consumption and per season.

You'll also be able to store up to 10GB of camera images.

Finally you will get the SMS notification service should an event in your home and will be notified immediately.

Radio System

Are the devices emit radio waves dangerous?

The devices emit radio waves of lower power (within the authorized band of 868 MHz in Europe), and for times shorter than the usual. Therefore, we believe they are much less risky than mobile phones or wireless networks.

The emission level is less than 1 mW. A device transmits for less than one hundredth of the time (it is rather thousandth time for a device, and 1/100 for the plant).

In comparison:

  • A wireless network can emit over 100 mW continuously (during data transfers for example).
  • A mobile phone can transmit at 2 watts continuously (during conversations).

IP cameras, when using wifi, follow the same rules as the wifi when in emission.


How to tell if the batteries are low for a device?

When the batteries are low, an indicator appears on the widget.

The battery level is also available in the device configuration.

You can configure an alert that you receive by mail if the box can not communicate with a radio device for 24 hours. Batteries are a cause of non-communication, especially if they were already low.

Camera and images

Can I see the image from my smartphone live?

Yes, you can view the cameras live by clicking the live.

You can also view a history of images recorded during movements that detects the camera.

If monitoring is enabled to receive an SMS, an email with images, and you can consult the live.

Have I the right to install a camera?

Regulation can be simplified as follows:

  • In public places or open to the public, an administrative authorization is required
  • In private places, two rules apply:
    • In professional places, it's statements to the CNIL and labor law on prior information
    • In Personal places, it is the respect for privacy (not to save others without their knowledge)

Moreover, the right to apply the image on the use of images of others.

An individual can install a camera at home without any declaration to the extent that it is not a public road and where visitors can be informed, by a sticker or cameras conspicuous example.

Why do I receive messages Loss of contact with the device, as he works very well

In the device configuration, an alert is programmed if no information is received during 1H, 2H, 24H. If your camera does not send regular images every 15 minutes, it is normal to receive such a message. You can increase or disable the warning in the configuration / settings Experts