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If your system seems broken

Watch the LED on the box under the arches transparent:

  1. If the light is green, is that everything is normal a priori (including the central communicates well with internet)
  2. If the light is flashing red, this indicates a problem (especially with Internet connection)

Confirmation of the diagnosis on the website:

  1. Check that the central well with internet exchange. Go to "Configuration" -> "box" to check the box well with internet trading. If the box does more trade with the internet it is probably a cut-ADSL cable. The plant will restart by itself once access is restored.

Everything seems normal, but the devices can not be reached:

  1. If everything looks correct, check if there is not an icon "exclamation point", or "work" on the device. If this is the case, it is difficult radio communication between the central and peripheral. Try to bring the device to check if it is communicating well in radio.

If other problems:

  1. A reboot usually helps power to solve the problem.

The screen is blocked Please enter an unlock code!

You probably clicked on the padlock at the top right of the screen.

The code to unlock the screen is 0000.

You can change this PIN in your account settings.