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Acceptance of Terms

Before ordering, the customer read the Terms of Service, and ensure that they can be applied.


Orders are now limited to Europe (CE), and more specifically to France for questions format available material (size of the catch) and language.

The products are not intended for export. Where applicable, the customer agrees to obtain the agreement of the authorities before any export.

Validity of order

An order is placed when it was received and accepted by us.


The price of the store are given out transportation.

We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Where applicable, the specific quotations are valid in principle 30 days.


The store only accepts cash payments for equipment. When paying by check, the check must be received within two weeks, on pain of cancellation of the order.

The subscription service is the subject of several payment options (pre-payment or levy).

We do not discount.

In case of late payment (including subscription), a penalty of three times the legal interest rate in force will be applied in accordance with regulations.


We reserve the transfer of ownership of equipment and goods until full payment is received by the buyer. The transfer of risk occurs at the time of delivery.


The software license of eedomus box is not included with the purchase of a box, but with the subscription. The license is nonexclusive and nontransferable. It is designed as a rental.

Other software (including cameras) are éventuellements subject to acceptance of a license.


The Company is a distributor of certain materials, and is the intermediary between manufacturer and customer, and thus provides no contractual guarantee except the legal guarantee.

The equipment manufactured by the Company are guaranteed for 1 year in accordance with regulations. The guarantees are valid only if the hardware has been disassembled or repaired, or used under conditions that are not compatible with the conditions and characteristics defined in the instructions and technical documentation. A number of return (NRA) must be requested from the company before returning. The shipping, return, remain the responsibility of the customer.

No responsibility will be borne by the Company in case of risk, direct, indirect or accidents resulting from a defect in the provision of equipment and service. The warranty does not cover any consequence of breakdown and excludes any compensation.


Delivery times are indicative only and without commitment on our part. In any case, the delay can not invalidate the order or give rise to damages or penalties.

Cooling-off period

In accordance with Article 121, Code of consumption, a withdrawal period of 7 (seven) days is provided if the sale is carried out remotely (and without intervention on the customer site). The withdrawal is made imperative by registered mail with return receipt.

Return costs are the responsibility of the buyer and are not refundable.

Be sure to choose your product carefully, and seek the help desk @ eedomus beforehand. No refunds other than a period equal is only possible if you change your mind or if your system is not compatible with the equipment and service provided.


In the event that a dispute between the Company and the customer could not be resolved amicably, he would report to the Commercial Court of Paris.