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As translated from the original [Conditions Générales d'Utilisation] (French text).

The Company is Connected Object SAS (http://www.connectedobject.com/contact), a French company.


Terms of Service


We consider the User as the person who the completes the registration in the eedomus system and receives a username and a password. The acceptance of this contract by the User is a necessary condition for using the service.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally update the terms of service contract.

The User shall regularly consult the website of the Company to be aware of the latest version of the contract.

Installation and Use

The User must read and observe all precautions for installation and usage before installation and use.

Users must identify themselves with a username and personal password to access the service, usually created during the first connection. The username and password must not be disclosed to third parties (and should never be published on the internet).

To date, the service eedomus Premium is not transferable, in principle. Once the box has been installed, and/or the Premium service subscription set-up on a box, it is not possible for Users to change, or switch, identification. If there is a need to change identification, please ask customer support. Devices do not have this constraint.


The Company makes every effort to provide a high quality of service and operability, but can not guarantee it.

The Company maintains a commitment of resources to operate the service.

The Company can not ensure proper operation in all situations.

Radio-electric networks are inherently prone to cuts and connection difficulties. Devices, depending on where they are positioned, can be difficult or impossible to communicate with the eedomus box.

Internet is a network that may have cuts and packet loss, particularly in terms of broadband access to the User.


The eedomus box should never be opened, this voids any warranty or responsibility of service. It should be handled with care (in no case by children or others without warning), and should be placed in a well ventilated dry location. The furnished power cable should only be used for an eedomus box.

Devices from other manufacturers are provided in some packages as appropriate. Manufacturers' warranties vary. We draw your attention to the fact that any failure caused by misuse, damage or negligence are not covered by the manufacturers in general.

All materials connected to 220V/110V need to be handled by a professional.


A list of eedomus compatible materials is available on doc.eedomus.com as well as technical documents.

We highlight that certain device require use of USB connections, which may cause some disruptions when connecting or disconnecting.

Compatibility may become partial or nullified by modification of third party software. Connected Objects is not responsible for errors in the documentation of third party products.

Interoperability with certain equipment and ambitious functionality cannot be guaranteed, even after our efforts to augment and consolidate compatibilities.


Multiple levels of service are proposed on the eedomus platform. The points listed by service correspond to the average service level and not the maximum.

The sending of emails, SMS, and other notifications are not guaranteed as it is possible they could be rejected by communications operator of subject to other anomalies. Demands for support, as noted in system documentation, are not systematically answered even as we make efforts to provide a high quality level of support. Support availability is not guaranteed at 100%.

Intellectual Property

The software on the servers on the Internet, on box and the name on web browsers is the property of Connected Object.

It is not permitted to attempt to enter the system information of the eedomus box or servers, or trying to access the software or data from other users.

Third Party Rights

The User undertakes to respect the rights of third party service providers.

This is particularly applicable for Google (when using the map provided by Google Maps), meteorological data that should not be redistributed for commercial purposes, and third-party systems that could be operated by HTTP commands.

Privacy and cameras

The Company considers the user data as personal, and does not disseminate such information to third parties without explicit consent.

The data are aggregated by a specific user (installation of a device for example). Users may delete their personal data by the interface provided, including camera images, the detection of presence of fluid consumption and energy. The User is responsible for processing of personal data.

The service for the cameras is in place under the legal responsibility of the user.

IP logs are recorded for security questions et to monitor quality of service. Cookies are present for conserving user sessions.

Contract Period

The contract may be terminated by user, or by the Company, in which case the service provided by the Company is concluded.

There is no guarantee that the user can use the equipment he has acquired, in whole or in part.

In all cases, the intellectual property clauses and accountability remain.


We can not accept any liability for any direct or indirect damage or any consequences resulting from the installation, use or malfunction of the product.


In the event that a dispute between the Company and the customer could not be resolved amicably, he would report to the Commercial Court of Paris.

Paris, 1 January 2016