How to manage several gateways?

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If you use two or more eedomus gateways, e.g/ one for your main home, another for a holiday home, or your office, this page is for you.

You have two options:

  • the gateways are totally independent, but you can switch quickly between the 2 accounts (preferred)
  • the gateways are on the same user account and share rules,display, management

Independent gateways

This option is preferred if the two gateways are on different locations.

The other gateway shall be registered with a new eedomus account. For your information, you can have many email address within Gmail adding a "dot" or "+something" in the name.

The management of the two gateways are totally independent. In principle, you cannot have common devices or rules between the two gateways. Nevertheless, if you want to synchronise something between the two gateways, you have to use the API and a HTTP module.

You can have a quick switch between the two accounts by using Linked accounts in the configuration. Seen the image below. The second eedomus user has to accept the account received in his mailbox.

Gateways on the same account

This option is often preferable on the same location, in case you have different floor, usage or protocols.

You just need to choose Add a gateway (at the end of the list add or remove a device). You enter the serial number when requested.

The behavior is normally transparent. When you add a Z-Wave device, the interface ask you to choose between the two gateways, because the 2 gateways use a different Z-Wave network.

There are some tricks when using rules between the 2 gateways : the Heating zone that can only work if all devices (thermometer and heating) are on the same gateway. You may have several notifications with the Intrusion Programming.

The custom images and scripts are shared between the gateways.

The Premium service is shared as it is attached to the user acccount.