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Put some color in your home!

It is now easy with the development of Red-Green-Blue LED bulgs or stripes.

Lighting color can create specific moods: warm, futuristic, ...


Z-Wave LED stripe controller

Fibaro RGBW Controller
LED stripes usually use 12 volt DC

Z-Wave RGB Bulb

RGBW Zipato Bulb


Philips lamps Hue ( are naturally compatible with eedomus.
The connection is done between the eedomus and the Hue bridge.


All IP product with an HTTP API!
Especially WiFi or Ethernet products. Do not hesitate to report to the team eedomus a compatible product!

For what?

Mood lighting

Depending on your mood!
Warm colors are often required to create a warm space (orange, warm white).
For a very modern atmosphere, blue or cyan colors are often chosen.

Alarm lighting

Use RED lamp to alert.

Information lights

RGB lighting can also be used to give information: weather, traffic jams, incidents ...