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It is possible to access technical logs on the controller.

It is possible that some features are only available on eedomus+, even if we do our best to make them available on the first eedomus version. The length of time the logs are kept depends on the Free or Premium service.

Access paths

Two access paths are possible.

On the local site of the box, http://ip_box/ then go to Settings and click on Logs This access provides both real time and archived logs.

On the eedomus portal: https://secure.eedomus.com/ then go to Configuration / Device list / eedomus / Configuration

The logs are in the middle of the page. This remote access only provides archived logs.

Log types

We do not provide technical assistance on reading and interpreting the logs. They are intended for advanced users who wish to access them.

The logs are divided by protocols.


  • When a Z-Wave device does not respond, it is interesting to look at the corresponding log, to understand if it is a range or protocol problem. This log also allows you to identify a device that is not working properly by sending frames several times a second (it happens!).


  • This log is used to identify HTTP requests that are in error or that are too frequent. This is particularly important for the CPU of the box which is saturated by HTTP requests.


  • To understand the execution or not of a rule, this log can be used. When a rule is valid, the word "ACTION" appears.