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The migration from eedomus to eedomus+ is possible in a few clics.

1. The 2 eedomus must be associated to the same eedomus user account

If it is not the cas, clic on "Configuration / Add an eedomus"

Give a other name to the new eedomus for a better identification.

2. The Z-Wave network should be void on eedomus plus.

3. Z-Wave radio transfer

Place the 2 eedomus close one from the other (2m maximum)

Open a second tab on your broher (to be quick on the step 5 that shoud be realised just after step 4).

3a. Launch "Learn Mode" on the new eedomus plus.

Clic on "Configuration / Add-remove a device / Advanced Z-Wave fucntions" then "Learn Mode"

3b. Immediately, launch an inclusion on the OLD eedomus.

Clic on "Configuration / Add a device / Include a Z-Wave device" in the second tab of your browser. Choose the OLD eedomus.

Wait for the inclusion (no use to press a button as written).

Save the page as written (the device is a secondary controler.

Note: A message saying your controller is not Node 1 can be ignored during this operation.

4. Transfer all the devices

To finalize, clic on "Configurer" (of the OLD eedomus) then "Transfer X devices"

This transfer is done via eedoums platform.

The OLD eedomus should take another Z-Wave network identifier.

This step takes a couple of minutes, don't unplug to fast!

To be know

Everything is transfered: configuration, devices Encoean, RFXUSB, rules, scripts.