Precautions of use

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Information and documents provided by the company should be considered general information. We can not be held responsible for the use you make of it. Theses are no specific advices from professional. Each situation is unique, this document does not exempt in many cases the intervention or professional people or specific advices.

Installation documents should be read in full prior to any installation. All instructions must be followed. The installer and the user must avoid any risk-taking during the installation and use.

Precautions on electrical equipment

Take the margin on the maximum power allowed.

Trigger electrical distance can be dangerous if the equipment is not in good working order (camera disassembled machine heater on ....). Some electronic devices can be damaged by unplugging / plugging in the electric current.

Precautions facilities on the power grid

All installations must be switched OFF. The safest way is to cut all the electrical panel.

Facilities that may impact the power grid must be performed by a qualified specialist.

If equipment appears damaged, do not connect to power, and take every precaution not to reconnect later.

Use for safety

This system should not be used as a safety device to ensure the safety of goods and people (type: prevent the closure of an automatic, emergency stop switch, ...). It provides additional security, but its reliability is not 100%. Radio systems and Internet access have a rate of unavailability of a few percentage points.

This system is not an alarm system as such, even if you can prevent many in defined circumstances.

Social Care

Be careful not to surprise people by automatic actions. Some people may be scare if not warned of automatic actions on lights. Disable automatic actions or tell people in your home.

Water and electric power

The eedomus box and other electrical equipment must be stored and used in the temperature range [0-40 ° C] and in conditions of humidities [<85%, no condensation].

In general, all materials provided are afraid of the water. Do never wet unless clearly mentionned.

The eedomus gateway is only planned for an indoor use.

Cables, transformer and other parts must be regularly verified. If one of these parts is damaged, the product must not be used.

The transformer (external power supply) transforms the current of 220/110 Volt towards 5 volts. It is the most dangerous part because a defect risks to give access to 220 volts. In case of material defect, doubt or further to a surge (lightning), not to use again. Ask for a standard exchange. Transformers must be not accessible when they are connected, in particular to children and to not warned people.

The product must not be dismount. The product must not be immersed in the water, nor cleaned with cleaners or liquid products (use a dry cloth if needed).

All the supplied materials are afraid of the water. Do not put in wet environment.