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Connected Object respects your privacy.


Protection of your data

Your personal data (primarily your identity, address, email, telephone, as well as your data recorded in the eedomus system) will NOT be shared with third parties, except when duly mentioned and only with your express consent.

Email and phone numbers are only used for system management. We do not send any advertising messages.

Privacy about your identity

You can login to the eedomus system, with a "pseudo" name (login, email), we recommend it.

The payment system for electronic billing, however, requires an identification (but not necessarily your postal address).

Our online shop, eedomus boutique, needs a name and an address for billing. The login to the boutique and the login to the eedomus system may be different. When placing orders from the eedomus boutique, the telephone number asked for will only be provided to the transportation service (Colissimo, UPS, ...) to facilitate delivery and reception of your package. This number is not reused by the eedomus system.

Participation in the forum requires a new pseudo name, but we do not link this different nickname for the protection of your identity.

Data Management

At all times, you retain the ownership rights of your data.

All of the data collected by the eedomus system for its usage is done so through your voluntary action (type: connection of a sensor, a camera), and you can delete all your system data (including pictures).

For statistical purposes, data from greater than 100 users may, at times, be aggregated (e.g. types of devices used, average temperatures, etc).

Non-private use of eedomus system

If you use the system for non-private activities (i.e. business, personal, or other), it is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure appropriate compliance with your respective governing authorities.

Support access

The system is designed to allow support access to your "web space".

This user controlled function, when enabled, provides customer support team the ability to remotely view your devices (Configuration / My Account). This access facilitates the diagnosis and advice to users (device unreachable, changing batteries ...).

For privacy, camera images are not visible to support team members (but the data devices are).

Technical protection

We ensure a high safety level in our technical platform. Our systems are segregated as much as possible.

Communication between the eedomus box and our server is encrypted (HTTPS). Your password is encrypted.

Cookies, Cache

For complete functionality of the eedomus system over the internet, we ask users to accept cookies, but this information is not shared with third party sites nor utilised for tracing or advertising purposes.

Mobile applications (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc) will stock as cache certain information to facilitate reconnection and use. This information is only used to ensure good working order of the system.