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Fire Safety

Many accidents occur within our homes and that could be prevented and anticipated. Indeed, in France there are more than 250,000 recorded fire claims each year - about one every two minutes!

A house fire is characterized by three key factors:

  • Fast, leaving you on average only three minutes to act or flee when the fire started.
  • Highly toxic, the dense smoke can cause medium-term disturbances of mental, sensory and motor function.
  • Hot, residential fires are very hot. Indeed, the air reaches 600 ° C in less than five minutes and quickly becomes unbearable. Finally, the fire makes travel difficult in the residence because of the black soot that invades the space and creating a feeling of dark night.

Night fires are usually more dangerous and deadly, as typically the fire starts while everyone is asleep. In addition, it may smoulder for hours before flames appear. Meanwhile, the toxic smokes spread and gradually asphyxiate sleeping victims. It is therefore essential to use a fire detection. Their use can reduce the risk by a factor of ten.

The eedomus solution offers communicating smoke detectors. Not only do these wireless sensors have a siren to warn you, but above all, as soon as smoke is detected by the detector, an alert via SMS or email will be sent immediately. So you can be notified about the fire or to extinguish an incipient fire.

Of course, we must also seek to minimize the risk of fire, possessing an electrical installation in perfect condition but also heating of good quality. You must also ensure safety within your home and especially that of children. Indeed, over 14% of fires are started by children.

Water damage

From a simple dishwasher leak or an overflowing bath, all the way to a ruptured pipe or damage caused by flooding, water damage is one of the most common issues to home owners and renters alike.

Placed at floor level in rooms at risk (bathroom, kitchen, cellar, ...), a flood sensor alerts you when the probe is in contact with water by sending a text message or an email depending on your configuration.

Carbon monoxide

Combustion appliances set incorrectly can cause carbon monoxide (especially boilers, auxiliary heat). This gas is highly toxic even at low concentration, yet odorless. It is important to have a sound detector.

Be careful not to confuse carbon monoxide (CO), which is highly toxic, and carbon dioxide (CO2), which is not toxic but indicates poor ventilation or excessive confinement.

Dangerous electrical appliances

Electricity is responsible for many incidents in buildings.

The risk is to forget turning off a device, or that its natural extinction does not work: coffee machine, kettle, toaster, oven, hob, iron, ...

With eedomus and a simple controlled wall plug, you can secure your existing equipment. The wall plug will power off the device after a given time.

Power outages

Power cuts are not in immediate danger, however they can be an inconvenience and high cost if not restored quickly.

eedomus allows you to detect a power outage at a distance, whether it is a global or partly on the refrigerator or freezer.