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The Scenes provide a simple way to control multiple devices at the same time.



You may create a scene for example :

  • Launch your favorite lighting atmosphere (eg Dinner, TV, Reading, All lights off, ... )
  • Facilitate the supervision of your home (eg Alarm total , Perimeter alarm , presence simulation , ... )
  • Centralize temperature setpoints (eg Comfort mode , Economy mode , ... )


To create a scene, go to Configuration / Add or remove a device / Add another device type and choose Scenes

Example with lighting

Coming soon.

Example with temperatures

Coming soon.

You want to set all heating zones in Comfort mode, Economy or Anti-Frost?

Use a dedicated scene " Centralized heating".

The scene then facilitates the programming Agenda .

Please note: After a scene has been triggered, it is always possible to change manually a value. It will be valid until the next trigger is triggered.