Technical requirements

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Internet connection

Have a permanent Internet connection (ADSL, cable).

Have an email address (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, ...).


For the box eedomus

Have a free Ethernet port on the ADSL router (and 2 ports for the installation of a camera). IP settings of the box are configured automatically by the router's DHCP service. Have an outlet nearby (and two for the installation of devices or cameras).

For cameras

Have an outlet nearby.

For non wifi cameras, have access to the LAN.

For cameras wifi: have wifi code (WEP, WPA, ...).

For wireless devices

Batteries are generally provided in the packs (but not necessarily for the devices to the unit).

A suitable screwdriver to insert batteries.


To install, have a computer (preferably PC) with internet access with a browser (preferably Firefox).

To set up the cameras, the PC must be on the same LAN as the cameras.

Once installation is complete, the system works without the computer on.