Thermostat head (MICITRV004)

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Thermostat / EnOcean / Ubiwizz / Vitec

Thermostat head (MICITRV004)

Teach in" inclusion

Require an EnOcean extension in order to operate with the eedomus controller

Press at least 10 seconds on both buttons of the valve to reset it.
Do not install the valve immediately on the radiator.
Put yourself in Teach In on the box and press the button 1 or 2 of the valve for at least 5 seconds until a green LED flashes on the valve.
The box recognizes the valve immediately. Finish the config of the valve on the box.
Once the config on the box done, mount the valve on the radiator.
Once the valve is well fixed on the radiator, press once briefly the button 1 or 2 of the valve so that it adjusts its positions and normally, it starts to communicate the temperature to the box.
One can then act from the box on the ON or OFF position of the valve.