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Presence detection

Movement sensors

Movement sensors are usually PIR sensor

This sensors are sensitive to hot bodies (humans, but also mammals and birds). The detectors are sensitive enough, and can therefore generate false alarms.

PIR presence detector (+ temperature)

PIR presence detector (single)

Opening sensor

A position on the doors or windows, gates ... Which the distance exceeds tens of meters with central eedomus. The sensors can use an external switch.


Taken on / off

Drive socket

Switch (cell)

Controlled switches

IP Camera

Axis http://www.axis.com

Eedomus system is compatible with the full range Axis (recent). The configuration is automated for Axis recent.

We recommend several types of cameras:

  • M1011W, cheapest wifi support
  • M1031W, with a PIR and a mini speaker
  • M1054 for cameras without wifi (best image size)
  • P3344VE for outdoor cameras with good sensitivity

P3344 cameras (and following) offer the possibility of a local recording onto an SD card. 16 GB to provide a recording of a week (one frame per second without sound).

Other We also offer support (documentation, configuration) on the camera Allnet, cheaper. The user manual: File:ALL2281 Manual.pdf

Almost all IP cameras are compatible with eedomus, insofar as can be configured to send images via FTP. However, it is the user to configure the camera itself (through the internal website of the camera).

Installation of cameras

We recommend a wired installation of cameras (RJ45 - Ethernet). Where this is not possible, we recommend installing a PLC. WiFi is the least reliable of the 3, even if the cameras Allnet support it well enough.


The cameras are independent of the central eedomus for their daily operation. They send the images on the server eedomus.

The sending is performed:

  • On a regular basis
  • Motion Detection (PIR detection for cameras that have a (M1031W and M1054), and movement on the image to P3344).

Images can be viewed:

The password for user "root" is the same as ftp password (found on www.eedomus.com by going to the camera setup).

Axis cameras trying to configure a port for access from outside the LAN (UPnP). This information is stored on www.eedomus.com.

It is advisable to "fix" the address assigned by DHCP in the DSL box (by entering the MAC address of the camera).

Technical safety

Smoke Detector. Smoke detectors should be installed vertically, in accordance with the instructions attached. The detectors are provided in accordance with the EN14604 standard. We have tested on the real smoke.


  • Batteries should be changed regularly.
  • These devices do not send regular messages of operation (but a completion message is normally sent battery).
  • Devices should be tested from time to time (to be taken with caution, and to test from time to time).