CO2 Monitor (MH9-CO2)

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CO2 Monitor (MH9-CO2)

Inclusion/Exclusion: Activate Inclusion/Exclusion mode in the gateway. When device is powered on, long press K2 can enter interface for inclusion or exclusion of Z-Wave network.
* If device has not been included into any Z-Wave network before, "- - -" will display on the screen.
* Then press K2 once, "- - -" flashing and device enters into learning mode to get a node ID. If inclusion is success, a node ID will display on the screen. If not, "- - -" will stop flashing in 20 sec.
* If a node ID displays, it means the device is already in a Z-Wave network. To press K2 once can remove it from the network. "- - -" displays and press K1 once can return to normal work.
Groupe par défaut de la box: NOLF,2
Batterie(s): Alimentation 12V ou USB

Données remontées en Z-Wave : CO2, Température, Humidité