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The principal objective of eedomus is home control from a distance, by means of connected devices.

In this same sense, it can be practical to geolocate a car, a boat, or a person in certain situations.


Advantages of geolocation with eedomus

Eedomus allows you to:

  • Visualise on the same system the location of a vehicle
  • Record a history of vehicle positions
  • Launch compatible functions, including:
    • Turn on the home heating of a secondary residence if the car is less than 100 km away
    • Opening the gate when you are less than 100 m from your home
    • Announcing your presence as you approach from a distance

Setting up geolocation

With eedomus application

Available for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad)

On the site,, start by adding a GPS tracker device, to do this, click on Configuration / Add or remove a device / Add another type of device / Others / GPS tracker.

To "push" your location information from the connected device, open the application, select the device, then use the 1st button to send your position one time, or the 2nd button to regularly send the information at an interval of your choice.

With a connected GPS device

With Xee, the data (position, speed, ...) is integrated in the eedomus platform.

With an independent GPS

Such as, Traceur GPS NS90 with NS90LL Geolocation.

Begin by adding the device, to do this, click on Configuration / Add or remove a device / Add another type of device / Others / GPS tracker, and then adding the GPS serial n° in the Expert parameters window.

The GPS data will then be pushed by the tracker to your eedomus device at the interval defined on the tracker.

Viewing geolocated devices

The most recent data is visible in the eedomus application.

You can consult the positional history of your connected device through the Eedomus portal.


A GPS device is visible, like all the other connected devices, in the rules list, with additional functions including:

  • Opening gates when approaching your home (if activated)
  • Turning up the heater when arriving at your secondary residence
  • Vocally announcing your arrival home at night

You can share your GPS information

  1. By creating a second user on your eedomus account
  2. Then giving this new user limited access to your information (limited to the geolocation page for example)

The second user will then have their own user name and password for following the GPS positions on a computer or smartphone (web app, iOS, Android).