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The eedomus controller offers 3 tools to monitor your local network (or LAN "Local Area Network").

The "Netscan" page

This page gives you an overview of your IP network devices.

It can be accessed in several ways:

  • from the address: http://IP_EEDOMUS/config/netscan.php
  • from the eedomus portal: 'Configuration/Controller eedomus/Configure/Local Network - Scan
  • from the configuration of the devices "DHCP sensor" or "Network Presence"

The right column allows you to quickly create a Network Presence device in order to monitor it and use its presence in rules. (Ex. all phones are missing from the local network and the alarm is not activated? it is probably an oversight)

You can also click on device names to customize them.

The DHCP Sensor

This device informs you immediately when a network device (wired or WiFi) is connected. This can be very useful to disable your alarm when your mobile phone connects back to your WiFi when you return home.

More information on DHCP Sensor.

Net presence (ex.Ping)

This device tells you if your network equipment is present or absent.