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Automating your home may seem overwhelming and too complicated.

However, it is actually easier than one would think!

All it takes is your vision and our helpful guides.

Essentially, you just have to start!

In which area do I start?

We recommend a step-by-step approach, starting with as few as four or five devices, then adding more over time to meet your particular needs.

Most of our customers start with lighting, one of the most simplest areas. By using hands-free controlled power sockets, one can perform many functions: automated lighting at night and in the morning, switching on/off electrical appliances (fan, coffee maker), just to name a few.

The area of security is also straight forward and another common starting point, with several devices ready to use including opening and movement sensors. Cameras are useful complements to the system. Axis cameras are installed automatically, but if you know how to configure them, many brands are compatible.

Most users then gradually complete their installation according to their unique situation.

Advanced areas, such as the heating control, and shutters or gate opening requires some competencies in wiring diagrams.

Must I first know computer programming?

No! The box eedomus is designed for installation and use without special knowledge or any programming language.

Customising your controller with advanced functions is achieved through use of drop-down lists.

For those who really need and want to, some scripting is allowed.

What are the prerequisites?

It is necessary to have internet access at home, this is the main pre-requirement!

A computer is required only during the installation and configuration process. No software is installed, simply your web browser is enough.

Using a smartphone or tablet will yield the best benefits of the system, but you can also access your system from your computer, even remotely.