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The eedomus box allows the capture of camera images and transfer on the eedomus cloud.

This mode of operation is complementary to the autonomous sending of images by the camera. It allows you to retrieve images following en event, such as a motion detection (which the camera does not have) or on a regular basis (if the camera does not support it).

Two protocols are available for the eedomus gateway to retrieve a camera image: HTTP and RTSP. We recommend the HTTP mode, which is faster and with a better image quality. The RTSP link can be used for image capture for cameras that do not support HTTP, and only on the eedomus+ version.

For the capture to work, you have to make sure that the chosen mode works, by first testing with the link Test live in the settings of the camera's configuration page, from your local network.

Regular capture

To create a regular capture rule, simply click on the Create Rule button.

The rule is then available in the "Associated rules" tab and can be modified as needed.

Capture on event

The "Capture" actuator should be available in the actuators list (one actuator per camera).

You just have to add it as an action, as an example here in a lighting on motion programming, in the last line.

RTSP links and JPG links

HTTP-JPG links (HTTP link to the live JPG image) are listed here: Link to the JPG image

RTSP links are listed here: Camera RTSP links

Note that the JPG link is required for the display of the "live" in the eedomus interfaces. The RTSP link is not used for this purpose.


Architecture: This mode of operation "capture by the eedomus gateway" is used in addition to sending images autonomously by the camera to the eedomus cloud, which can operate even if the eedomus gateway is unavailable.

The retrieval of an image by HTTP has been available for some time through the SDK or the eedomus store module Caméra universelle (French).

If you are using several gateways, the box that should perform the capture must be chosen in the settings of the capture module.

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