Domux / Heiman devices

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Zigbee Domux / Heiman devices tested with the eedomus box
Z-Wave Binary actuator

Domux / Heiman

On/Off wall switch with power consumption (DX2SK-Z)

Z-Wave Flood sensor

Domux / Heiman

Leak sensor (DX1WL-Z)

Z-Wave Opening detector

Domux / Heiman

Opening detector (DX1DS-Z)

Z-Wave CO sensor

Domux / Heiman

CO detector (DX1CA-Z)

Z-Wave Smoke detector

Domux / Heiman

Smoke detector (DX1SA-Z)

Z-Wave Movement detector

Domux / Heiman

Movement detector (DX1MS-Z)

Z-Wave Air quality

Domux / Heiman

Gaz detector (DX1CG-Z)

Z-Wave Siren

Domux / Heiman

Smart Siren (HS2WD-Z)

Z-Wave Thermometer

Domux / Heiman

Temperature and hygrometry sensor (DX1HT-Z)

Zigbee Binary actuator

Domux / Heiman

Smart Combustible Gas Sensor (HS1CG)

Do not raise the alarm to the Zigate!

Zigbee Siren

Domux / Heiman

Siren (HS2WD)

If a device is not listed that doesn't mean it won't work, only that it has not been tested with the eedomus box.