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The eedomus iOS application is available on the AppStore for free. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.



The navigation is similar to the website [http:/], a navigation icon by room or use, and a list of devices.

You can customise by marking your favorite devices (click on the star in the top right).

A Map Mode is available for tablet users.


In order to improve the overall performance and limit the network use, the iOS application uses data caching.

It may be useful, from time to time, to clear the cache, for instance right after the creation of a new device if the iOS application does not display correctly.

To clear the cache, go to the left sliding menu and click on Clear cache.


When the LAN Mod is activated and running, the iOS application sends the command orders to the eedomus box through a direct link. You should see better response times and it can help using your eedomus system in case of internet connection interruption.

By default, the automatic LAN mod is activated. You can manually disable it in the Settings panel of your iPhone/iPad.

Using the LAN mod requires the following conditions:

  • Your iPhone/iPad must be connected via WiFi
  • Your iPhone/iPad and your eedomus box must be connected on the same network
  • The eedomus box must be turned on
  • There is only one eedomus box attached to your account (temporary limitation)

When the LAN mod is activated and running, the word "LAN" will then appear below the eedomus logo in the top bar:

Diagnostic page

The diagnostic page can help you find the cause of a temporary slow-down or dysfunction.

There are four different indicators on the diagnostic page:

  • "Network reachability" indicates if your device is connected to a network (Wifi, 3G, ...)
  • "Eedomus cloud reachability" indicates the reachability of the eedomus servers. If this indicator is red, your Internet connection is not correct or the eedomus servers may have a problem.
  • "Access to ..." indicates that your eedomus box is correctly connected.
  • "Lan connection to the box" indicates the LAN mod availability

Push notifications

Note: Push notifications are an advanced feature exclusively available for Premium users.

You can receive push notifications on your iOS device for events (alarm, people detection, flood, ...). A few clicks on the eedomus website are necessary to activate the push notifications inside a rule.

It may be necessary to shutdown and restart your application the first you use this feature.


The iOS App eedomus is compatible with VoiceOver for adequate iOS devices.