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The connected objects should be able to communicate between them! It's the least what you expect!

The eedomus gateway can be controled by other equipments, thanks to its API.

On the other side, the eedomus gateway can communicate with other connected objects having an API (in particular HTTP). It allows more complex automation schemes: watering when the sensor of plant detects that the ground is dry for example.

The objects below can be integrated with eedomus. The list is not exhaustive list, because eedomus can control almost any equipment having a HTTP API.

In order to ease the implementation, an icon was added on the eedomus interface, on the page Configuration /Add a device / Other type of device

eedomus and Freebox


Mirror (USB)

Netatmo Weather Station


Application Karotz

Withings scale

Nest Thermostat


Netatmo Thermostat