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Update of December 18th, 2018

Support of the connected thermostat Qivivo

The Android and iOS apps show a notification banner

Z-Wave devices:

Zigbee devices (via Zigate):

EnOcean devices (via Enocean dongle):

Improvement on the support of 3-Phase Smart Meter (ZMNHXD1) Qubino

Adding of functions html_entity_decode() and mcrypt_encrypt() in the Scripts

Showing the eedomus gateway's name in the expert parameters when multiple gateways are linked to an eedomus account

Solving an issue with some https sites (,

The main chanel is displayed in bold in the list of channels of a device

New CPU indicator for eedomus+ (experimental)

It is now possible to insert historical values (with a specified date) with the function script setValue($periph_id /*Code API*/, $value, $verify_value_list = false, $update_only = false, $time = ' ')

The unit is now present in the API : GET / periph.caract et GET / periph.list

The rule origin is indicated in the rules list (User, Scene, Programming)

The rule origin is indicated in the detail panel of a rule, with a link to open the implied programmation/scene.

The devices RFXTRX, RFPlayer, Edisio, Zigate are better categorized with Amazon Echo/Alexa

Improvement in the management of several LaMetric Time

Correcting an issue in the detection of RFXtrx433XL in "1st generation" eedomus

Update of October 23rd, 2018

Support for Legrand® connected products

RFXTRX433 XL Support

Alexa / Echo for eedomus is now available in Italian

EnOcean Devices:

Z-Wave Devices:

The icons of the macros can now be personalized (Update the app to enjoy it on Smartphone too)

Added a button to "clean up" unused icons

Management of the tariff "BASE" with the standard information on the Linky

Management of Analog Measurement with 0-10V Flush Dimmer (ZMNHVD1) Qubino (Exclusion and reinclusion required)

Fixed Power Factor Value on Z-Wave meters

The Intensity channel (in Amps) is now managed with the Smart meter (ZMNHTxx) Qubino

Better management of unsigned certificates for HTTP requests on local IPs

Possible adjustment of the reported by RFPlayer (Multiply / Add in expert parameters)

Cumulative Consumption is Supported for Fibaro Dimmer (FGD212) (Re-Inclusion Required)

Managing /clip/ with Sonos (allows playback to resume after a sound is played)

Added the function of script getRooms($periph_id)

Improved function of script sdk_json_decode($json, $decode_utf8 = false)

Management of the operators == and! = In the JSON of store.

Management of the default_value for the store devices, and the hidden field for the macros of the store.

Minor Bug Fixes

Update of Septembre 4th, 2018

Compatibility with Edisio protocol on RFPlayer (that needs a firmware update of your RFPlayer)

Compatibility with standard teleinformation (Linky power meter in France).

eedomus apps

  • New clear theme (clear or dark theme is available in settings)
  • HTML Widget support (experimental)

Display of HTML widget with PHP scripts

Always more devices on eedomus store: Sonoff, Yeelight, The Keys ... Great thanks to the contributors!

Z-Wave devices:

Jamming analysis with RFPlayer (Remove and add again your device)

Display the task progress during data export

Improvement of Broadlink RM Pro infrared module (use of MAC)

Bug correction on water sensor Sensative

Bug correction on precipitation and wind with RFPlayer

Some uploaded sound files could be lost in the "Play audio" module

Update of June 4, 2018

link = Control Chromecast audio (eedomus + only)

link = Detect Jamming with RFPlayer

link = Amazon Echo / Alexa for eedomus is now available in French.

link = Add a scan page of devices on your network from http://ip_box_eedomus/config/ or configure your box on the web portal (eedomus + only)

link = Adding a function of the toolbox that allows obtain the IP of a network device from its MAC address

link = Z-Wave Devices:

link = Managing new generation Edisio dongles

link = New RFXTRX monitoring mechanism for improved stability.

link = HomeKit: improved stability (It may be necessary to delete your home and recreate it, adding device remains unstable, reset the optionally)

link = eedomus scripts: Allowed PHP functions: bindec() decbin() socket_read() sprintf() hash_hmac() hash()

link = eedomus Scripts: Improvement of the function httpQuery() (Return of HTTP code, headers and other info)

link = eedomus Scripts: New function sdk_get_ip_from_ip_or_mac()

link = Updated LaMetric Time Association Due to LaMetric Changes

link = New values for the authorization of the retrigger of a rule: 1 week, 1 month, 6 months.

link = Improved detection of 3G/4G modems in certain situations

link = Zigate: improved management of Xiaomi remote control buttons (Multiple supports particularly)

link = Thermostats are now managed with Amazon Echo

link = Security improvements on local access to the box

link = Fixed a bug that could lead to a blocking of HTTP requests

link = The widgets programming could disappear after a few days at some users

link = Fixed issues with Philio PST02

Update of march 20th, 2018

Zigbee support via the Zigate USB stick

Autocomplete on the device combos (Rules, Grafs, ...)

Z-Wave devices:

RFPlayer (Firmware 1.22) :

  • TIC protocol (Handling of Wh, W and pulses)
  • FS20 Protocol

Z-Wave, the accumalted consumption (Wh/kWh) and pluviometer (m3/mm) unit can now be modified

Eedomus store : rules can now be created from the JSON.

Eedomus store : New fieds device.create and device.enable

Scripts eedomus : New function allowed sleep() and sdk_get_input()

Foobot script enhancement in case of initialisation failure

HTTP query timeoutt can now be ajusted for each device

Notifications on the eedomus portal are displayed only if the checkbox "Only on eedomus portal" is checked.

USB teleinformation and Rfplayer stability enhanced.

The accumulation consumption is now supported for Fibaro Wall Plugs (FGWP011 and FGWPE). (Devices need to be reincluded)

More caracteristics can be displayed from the API with the parameters &action=periph.caract&show_config=1

Bug correction when installing HomeKit driver

On some controllers, Sonos was not working

Bug fix with Power reader NorthQ

Caracters & were not correctly handled on HTTP query results

Bug fix with Multisensor Quad (ZD2301)

Bug fix with Edisio battery level

The word "Night" was sometime displayed wrongly on some bar charts

Update of December 11, 2017

Spotify device, available in the store (Control and display of the current song)

Z-Wave devices:

EnOcean devices:

Wizard to add tag and tag preview in notifications from rules

Preview and order management in display configuration of LaMetric for eedomus

A value condition for displaying or not is added in LaMetric

Main room is clearly visible: it is displayed in bold in the room list (it is the first selected room)

It is possible to check the version of a script with a link in the http device configuration

A field "Multiplicate" and "Add" is available for all weather indicator to adjust if necessary

Consumption in €

  • 2 default tarifications are available to ease the creation process of this device
  • Support of Wh and other type of devices as meter source

A Readme_**.md file may be added for the store devices (to provide help or documentation)

It is possible to add a "Max." in histogram widgets

A "duplicate" button is now also available in the rule edition page

The subject of the mail notification is hidden if no notification is selected

Bug correction about the display or deletion of certain icons (and improvment on name control)

Z-Wave inclusion/exclusion did not trigger when HomeKit was activated

Correction of a bug preventing HomeKit to start in some rare cases

Correction of a bug with Horstmann thermostats

Correction of a bug with Qubino Smart meters

Correction of display probem of "€" symbol in devices and rules

Update of November 27, 2017

LaMetric Time Support (Device Notifications + App for Recurring Messages and Button Action Management)

Z-Wave Devices:

Discover the new eedomus store devices. Nearly 50 so far!

Advanced Weather: More than 400 different measurements are now available.

Managing Philips Hue Lamp Groups (Thanks @Antor)

Store eedomus:

  • A tablet indicates new and updated devices since your last visit
  • The sandbox of the eedomus store now allows you to test your scripts before publishing them.
  • The validation of the devices of the blind has been automated, after an initial validation, you are free of the publications of update

S2 switches are now created by default for Fibaro FGD211 and FGD212 modules

4-Channel Mode Support for the RGBW Drive Module (ZMNHWD1)

Virtual scenes and states with values ??of only 0 and 100 are seen as switches under HomeKit

Z-Wave Node / Channel / Battery Display for Secondary Channels in Expert Settings

The box could indicate that the Z-Wave module was not active when including a device

Google Home may not work with undefined devices

Fix an Encoding Problem for TEXT Device Values

Fix a bug on the Xpath test page

Fix Netatmo cameras script. In some cases the images could not happen. (Create a new camera and click delete on the 1st screen to update your script)

Update of October 2nd 2017

eedomus is now compatible with Google Home

Z-Wave :

Correction d'un bug sur le portail eedomus introduit par Safari 11

Update of September 25th 2017

Support of Tado° thermostat

Adding a link "Edit this script" on the test page of URL/XPath

Bug correction on white colors with LiFX bulb

Bug correction on thermostatic valve (Comet)

Bug correction on some models of PSM

Update of September 5th 2017

Launch of the eedomus store, with

  • Birthdays, moon phase, seasons, Daikin cooling system, smarter coffee, travel time with Google Maps and Waze



The eedomus scripts can be created and modified from the eedomus gateway (Script editor)

Netatmo meteo script update for multiple meteo stations (Start adding a new station and cancel immediately to update your script)

Netatmo camera script update (Start adding a new camera and cancel immediately to update your script)

The Amazon Echo eedomus skill is now available on the german store

New EnOcean Parameters tab in the device configuration

Z-Wave negative power consumption are now supported

preg_replace and array_key_exists functions are now allowed in the scripts

New function getPeriphValueList() in the scripts

Miscellaneous bug corrections

Update of June 19th 2017

Use your Netatmo camera with eeedomus (Get the detection events and their images)

Control your Sonos from eedomus (eedomus+ only, Thanks to the contribution from Jishi)

Compatibility with the Analog 0-10V input of the RGBW Fibaro modules.

Z-Wave devices:

UPnP commandes can be send to a list a devices (coma separated IP addresses)

An image indicates if a Z-Wave node is included in secured mode in the device list (Hidden column "Node Id")

Z-Wave inclusion are done in non-secured mode by default

Adaptation of the script adding Axis camaras to firmware evolutions

New functions socket_connect() and error_reporting() in eedomus scripts

New notifications are displayed for Z-Wave devices whose actions slows Z-Wave communications

Correction of Gauge graphs with decimal values

A message "email doesn't exist" could appear in account linking

Images from OpenKarotz or Doorbird didn't appear in the Android app

Update of May 29th 2017

Support of the WiFi bulbs LiFx

Support of the WiFi infrared module Broadlink RM Pro (eedomus+ only)

New Z-Wave devices :

New 433Mhz devices (via RFXTRX) :

Presence simulation can be configured hour by hour

HomeKit actions source is now visible in the device history

Netatmo scripts updates (With battery level, thanks @Thibautg16)

LAN URL added for the http://localhost actions ont the test page

EnOcean and RFXTRX drivers are now more robusts

HTTP actuator can be updated with a rule action

When creating a "Connected object", the rooms may be losts

Local time was sometime wrong on the local /config page

Update of April 25th 2017

Use your eedomus with Amazon Echo / Echo Dot

Activation of Parrot function for RFPlayer, and added function MY/STOP for shutters

New Z-Wave devices:

Support for Double Micromodule (UBID1507) UbiWizz

Inversion of the logic of masked/displayed devices for HomeKit

HomeKit activation could affect eedomus stability

The polling of multi-chanel Edisio devices was not always correct

The display of the Z-Wave node was not always right with multi eedomus

The origin of an action was not correct in the data history

Update of March 13th 2017

Select the update mode of your controller (Configuration / eedomus controller / Configure / Controller update )

New Z-Wave Devices:

This is now the last notification that is displayed in the portal's top banner (not the 1st unread)

Added a notification banner in the webapp and the rescue site, as for the eedomus web portal

Fixed a bug with the Garage Door Controller (AEZW062) Aeotec

Support for the new version of Huawei 3131 modems

Update of February 28th 2017

Support of the RFPlayer from Ziblue

Z-Wave :

The room images could disapear after a change on one room.

Deactivation of the "DHCP sensor" was not taken into account

Update of February 6th 2017

Compatibility with Eedomus and HomeKit (eedomus+ only) to voice control eedomus (or with Home Application)

Navigation in images history of camera with mobile webapp with button "Backward"

Z-Wave :

Improvement of management of error in HTTP action

Update of january the 16th 2017

New module : DHCP Sensor (To use an Amazon Dash button with eedomus, or detect the local connexion of a smartphone, and launch action) eedomus+ only

The device placement in rooms is now free : a device can be placed in many rooms.

Z-Wave :

  • Lamella blind handling with Qubino devices

Rubicson/Alecto/Banggood protocol support via the RFXUSB

New 433 Mhz devices:

EnOcean :

The device count in rooms is now displayed in room management window.

Stability improvement with some USB devices (RFXUSB, UPS, TELEINFO)

Scene detection correction

Macro bug in scripts

Senstaive Strips bug correction (Reinclude if they were not communicating)

After a controller restoration everything was not up to date (Scripts, local website)

Bug correction in which "-1" could be displayed as a device value

Update november 21th 2016

Support of the Foobot air quality monitor

Z-Wave devices:

Imagintronix protocol support via RFXUSB

Scene enhancement (Activation detection, the auto mode is displayed when no scene is matching. eedomus+ uniquement)

Support of the Z-Wave THERMOSTAT_MODE_SUPPORTED_GET command class (Let you know the mode of your thermostat)

After adding a room, it is automatically selected

433Mhz devices are pre-parametered

Better icon scaling with the Icon Designer

Bug correction with the city selection on the weather devices

Update October 17th

Create your own icons with the "icon designer" tool

Rules: a device can take the value of another device (new action type)

The duration of data history can be reduced by device (Expert parameters)

New Z-Wave Devices

New 433 MHz devices

New EnOcean devices

Improvement of end of movement for some devices Philio / Zipato

Ability to send a "Meter Reset" for Z-Wave meters (Tab "Radio parameters")

Better compatibility with Energy meter G2 (1 clamp) Aeotec

Improvement of function getValue($periph_id /*Code API*/, $value_text = false) in script (value can be "text")

Improvement of removing of ghost z-wave nodes

Edisio : Better management of repeated pulse on the same button of a remote

Push notifications or text message for low battery are send during day hours (from 9h to 21h)

Improvement of the duplication of devices

Correction of a bug on the energy dashboard not displaying in some cases

Other bug corrections

Update September, 5, 2016

Connect your Doorbird to eedomus

Calculate the evapotranspiration of your garden to optimize the irrigation

New compatible Z-Wave devices:

Z-Wave, adding the COMMAND_CLASS_POWERLEVEL in the radio parameters tab

Managing the orientation of strands with Fibaro module (Thanks Nord Domotique !)

Is is possible to send COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC / BASIC_SET from the radio parameters tab

Updating the ecocompteur script after a new firmware release

Compatibility with the new USB modem 4G Huawei (E3372)

Adding an option show_all in the API periph_history

Supporting several Xee modules at the same time

New specific function in scripts ftpUpload()

New specific function in scripts base64_encode()

Correction of a bad device identification on battery/grid that could delays some actions

Correction of a bug with Orvibo with some Cooling remote (It is necessary to delete and recreate the device)

Correction of a scale factor with Gaz reader (NQ-9121) NorthQ

Correction of the reading of kWh channel on some devices supporting it

It is possible to use a non standard port with the function scripts httpQuery()

Bypassing of a bug on some Edisio EMV400 and EDR-B4 modules

Correction of a xPath encoding issue (Scripts for tide)

Update May, 17, 2016

EnOcean :

Z-Wave :

Unknown Z-Wave nodes can be removed on the radio matrix

Auto-Refresh on the "Z-Wave parameters" tab

More strict radio matrix neighbours display

Radio matrix on demand update

Last working route is displayed on the radio matrix (green dots, eedomus+ only)

In the radio matrix, you can optimize the listening nodes only


Support of the Z-Wave command COMMAND_CLASS_NO_OPERATION (To check if a node is reachable)

Network wide inclusion when adding a Z-Wave node

Hue script update (in anwser to Hue API update)

Orvibo configuration bug fix

Edisio bug fix (EMSD300A)

D-Link Slim Multisensor bug fix (new inclusion needed)

Bug fix in inclusion/exclusion

Update March, 21, 2016

New connected object: eedomus is now compatible with the infrared module Orvibo (eedomus+ only)



An offset may be applied to many devices (thermometer, hygrometer) to improve accuracy

The buttons Home/Away of the BeNext/Zipato tag reader are recognized

Adding of a button "Compute Again History" in the configuration the device "Consuption in Euro"

New functions are authorized in eedomus scripts (and eedomus+): array_reverse, chunk_split, dechex, define, hexdec, http_build_query

New functions are authorized in eedomus+ scripts (eedomus+ only): socket_bind, socket_close, socket_create, socket_last_error, socket_recvfrom, socket_sendto, socket_set_option, socket_strerror

The tag [RAW_VALUE] can be used in Actions of HTTP devices

Adding of the function getPeriphList() in eedomus scripts

Update February, 29, 2016

New connected device: use Xee to connect your vehicule with your home


The "network quality" is computed asynchronously to accelerate the display of the list of devices

The switches I2 and I3 of Qubino Z-Wave+ modules can be used (need a re-inclusion)

COMMAND_CLASS_MULTI_CHANNEL_ASSOCIATION support in Z-Wave, for the new Qubino Z-Wave+ modules

You can force the update of the gateway from the local site (/config page ) in case needed (support)

The internet adresse of the gateway (WAN) is now shown on the portal

X10 actuator address could not be more than 9

History download bug correction

Correction of a bug in tags replacement

Update January, 18, 2016

Legrand EcoCompteur is now supported

Z-Wave :

Edisio :

eedomus is now available in German

Ecobee Thermostat support

Bugs correction and performance enhancement for the Windows/Windows phone app

Edisio actuator now supports polling

"Radio parameters" tab is now available on every Z-Wave device channel

Dew point bug correction for Z-Wave devices

Accentuated caracters bug on Android is now solved

Activation code are now also sent by SMS

More than 20 colors are now available on the agenda

Netatmo anemometer is now supported

Bug correction on the history of € consumption devices

Update November, 9, 2015

The eedomus app is now available on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 +

New interface for mobile web and the local web site

New Z-Wave devices

Compatibility with EnOcean Dongle (USB310) with external antenna

Improvement on Danfoss thermostatic valve (for setpoint commands)

The local web site and the LAN API are available through HTTPS (eedomus+ only)

Bug correction in the Max Setpoint for Netatmo thermostat

Bug correction on local web site if the icon theme was changed

Update October, 13, 2015

eedomus is compatible with Edisio protocol with the Edisio USB donble

Edisio devices:

New Z-Wave devices:

New Z-Wave secure indicator when inclusion was in secured mode

Option to include in non secured mode

Bug correction in Z-Wave advanced parameters

Bug correction in the agenda (creation of phases)

Update September, 14, 2015

Compatibility with secure Z-Wave (eedomus+ only)

Control of Pioneer Amp VSX with Telnet (eedomus+ only)

Support of new Z-Wave devices

Function netSend() in eedomus scripts

Improvement of data downloading for large accounts

Minor bugs correction

Update July, 20, 2015

New Z-Wave devices :

Update June, 29, 2015

Limited time sub Accounts (Custom start and end date)

New connected object: GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

New Z-Wave devices:

Support of EnOcean "Card Switches"

Shared icons are now stored in categories

Navigate back after opening a program or rule from the list of program and rules.

Support for "COMMAND_CLASS_PROTECTION" for devices supporting it (Danfoss valves, NodOn ASP3, Everspring)

Programming "Switch / Remote" has been revised to support multi-button remote controls (Scenes)

Fixed a bug related to the EnOcean "Teach In"

Update June, 8, 2015

Share your icons between users

"Teach In" mode for EnOcean devices that supports it

Better UPnP support


Minor bugs correction

Update May, 26, 2015

New Z-Wave devices :

Correction of a bug concerning macros

Correction of a bug concerning GPS rules

Update April, 27, 2015

Receive eedomus voice notification on your phone (Premium Service)

View the battery level history (Available by clicking on the battery icon in the configuration of the device)""

Better support for APC UPS with eedomus+

API usage statistics available

Z-Wave devices support:

Modem 3G Huawei (E3131H) support

New SDK functions with eedomus script: preg_match et preg_match_all, atan2, deg2rad, rad2deg, bcpow

UPnP: compatibility with Pure

New parameter '1 week' for widget's graphic

HTTP request timeout extended from 20 to 40 seconds

Bug correction about the heating pause when opening a window (It is required to save the programming to get the patch)

Better noise level calibration on eedomus+

Update January 14, 2015

Android App

  • Bug fixes
Update November 25, 2014

Eedomus and Netatmo thermostat

Standardization of EnOcean sensor values (0=Closed/No movement, 100=Open / Motion)

Update November 12, 2014

New "Connected Object"

New Z-Wave devices:

New EnOcean devices:

New action: reboot in Eedomus toolbox

New management of RFXUSB/RFXLAN whose data are two frequent (wind speed, wind direction)

The external switch of Door sensor (ZD2102) is managed

Update November 3, 2014

Application IOS App

  • Improved accessibility with VoiceOver
  • Fixed a bug in iOS notifications with iOS 8
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed minor bugs
Update Octobre 7, 2014

Map Mode on iOS and Android Apps!

  • Use photos or a map of you house as an easy interface

Improvements in the appeareance of the web portal

Better management of errors on HTTP sensors/actuators

New "Customize" button to customize your display

Update Octobre 6, 2014

Improvements in the appeareance of the web portal

Better management of errors on HTTP sensors/actuators

New "Customize" button to customize your display

Update June 24, 2014

Support for the new RFY protocol (with new RFXtrx433E, reference: RFX14103)

Experimental support X10 all RFXtrx

Z-Wave: Compatibilitéy with the Siren-Flash (SSA3) Fortrezz

Update May 27, 2014

Z-Wave: Compatibility with Qubino devices

  • Flush Module 1 relay
  • Flush Module 2 relays
  • Flush Dimmer Module
  • Flush Shutter Module
Update April 22, 2014

New "connected Object": Philips Hue

Z-Wave compatibility

  • Plugin Dimmer BeNext
  • Tag reader Zipato
  • Fibaro Motion Sensor (FGMS-001) (already announced :)

HTTP actuators can also be polled through an HTTP query to update status

[VAR1] [VAR2] [VAR2] can be used in the XPATH expression of one HTTP sensor or actuator

Update April 7, 2014

Make your own scripts with this new item of the eedomus SDK

Experimental support of the wired connectors (RJ12) of the eedomus box:

  •     digital input
  •     actuator 0-3- 5V
  •     pulse counter
  •     analog sensor

First pre-configured connected objects: Weather Station Netatmo, Koubachi, Ping command

New Z-Wave devices:

  •     Support the new version of the remote keyfob Aeon Labs (4 buttons)
  •     In support ZL7431 wall switch Vision
  •     In support ZL7432 wall switch, 2 relay Vision
  •     Support ZL7433 In wall dimmer module Vision
  •     Sensor Bracket 4 in 1 ( PSM02 ) of Philio
  •     Support module for roller shutters ( TZ08 ) TKB Control
  •     Support dual relay module ( TZ06 ) TKB Control

Improved Z-Wave Driver:

  •     The limitation to 10% with multiple dimmers can be disabled (Settings expert)
  •     Improved performance Z- Wave ( especially when multiple actions )
  •     Devices are battery powered mode are always correctly identified in the configuration, polling is configurable.
  •     Better management of configuration parameters of devices on battery ( Several possible queries without waiting )
  •     Added option secondary channels only wake ' for multichannel devices on battery ( Saves responsiveness and conserve battery on devices like the 4 in 1 Multi Sensor when frequently accessed)

Consolidate your sensors / actuators them for easy management , especially when it is the same physical device (valid for generic states, sensors / actuators HTTP, 433Mhz )

Use variables to simplify the use of sensors and actuators (HTTP variables are synchronized between channels on the same device)

One option to use the portal as a proxy eedomus in widgets like HTML content if they do not appear.

New icons are available to customize your displays .

The frequency of HTTP requests can be set to 0 ( Off to update via a rule only)

API eedomus:

  •     Periph.value_list new function to retrieve the list of possible values ​​for a device
  •     Adding a field " value_text " and periph_id option = all in periph.caract
  •     Adding a field " value_type " in periph.list
March 8, 2014

IOS update

  • Introduction of favorites for faster navigation
  • Filter by date / time in the history of cameras and sensors
  • History of notifications (with filter by subject and date)
  • Historical graphs 1 and 2 years
  • Automatic synchronization of the application
Update February 17, 2014

Programming heating

  •     Heating zones can be paused , then resume at the last point defined
  •    Automatically turn off your heating zones on the opening of the door or window.


  •     Device ' Day tomorrow " allows you to quickly set the day or use in your programming. Fully synchronized with the calendar eedomus .
  •     After a manual change of day , the phase is immediately updated

new Z-Wave device support:

  • Gas reader ( NQ- 9121 ) NorthQ
  •  Recessed door sensor Aeon Labs
  •  Fibaro Smoke Sensor
  •  Thermostat ( SCS317 ) Secure / Horstmann
  •  Radiator Thermostat Valve Wall ( EUR_STELLAZ )

UPnP : The list of actions is now editable, you can pre- configure as many tracks as you want.

February the 13th 2014

Android App Version 1.1.8 :

  • Add favorites for an easy and fast navigation
  • Search by date through history (images, sensors)
  • History of notifications (with additional filters by category or date)
  • 1 year history chart available
  • Improvements for multibox eedomus (LAN mode, diagnosis page)
Version - November, 12th 2013

The eedomus box is now compatible with TP-Link HSUPA modem: 3G USB (use in case of failure of Ethernet connection)

Support of UPS USB connection (brand APC)

Version - Octobre, 1st 2013

New Z-Wave devices:

First Support (BETA) for some UPS Eaton (through USB cable to the box)

Mask/Unmask quickly the channels of your devices (available in Device configuration)

The choose of consumption and temperature is possible in the dashboard of energy efficiency

Adding an action on de-activation of programming Intrusion monitoring is available

The masked values of an actuator can be edited (Expert Mode) (Tab Values, Show masked actions, for dimmers)

You may have several programming with the same name if they are not in the same room.

Some roller shutter motor controller can be stopped during operation (Activate the value 240 after having Show masked actions in the tab Values)

New command available for WOL called (wol2) for devices which don't wake up with the main command.

September 2nd 2013 Version

Z-Wave: 10 new devices supported

New device: UPnP Remote

RFXTRX: New protocols supported Avidsen/Chacon

Introduction of 3 Themes for icons to change de appearance of your page

First support EnOcean protocol (with the dongle EnOcean)

June 3rd 2013 Version

eedomus becomes multilingual: English, Spanish, French

Direct LAN connecion with iOS/Android Apps: control your box eedomus directly, without Cloud connection

Support for module RFXUSB (RFXtrx433 RFXCOM)

Possible to use your eedomus box behind a proxy

New API function get->periph.list available on LAN and on Cloud

Z-Wave: 5 devices

API results available in XML in API (just add &format=xml)

Version April 8th 2013

Z-Wave: 3 new devices

Local time is available for worldwide locations

Privacy mode available for cameras (to enhance privacy when necessary)

Implementation of a local API, in addition to Cloud API

Rules just for once.

Version April 5th 2013

iOS App is compatible with iPad

Bugs correction for Android App

Version March 1st 2013

iOS App is available on appStore

Previous versions

Previous versions

The following document relates to both the consumer version eedomus and versionconnecteis for the professional field (communities, businesses). Some features mentioned may not be operational ineedomus.